Stephen Olsen

Stephen Olsen


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Senior Advisor and Independent Consultant. He was Director of the Coastal Resources Center (CRC) at the University of Rhode Island: 1975 to 2012, and have been serving as Senior Advisor on a variety of projects and programs in the US and internationally.

International Director of the URI/United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Coastal Resources Management Program: 1985 to 2003. Beginning in 1985, he led CRC in the design and implementation of long-term, coastal management programs in over 15 nations in Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa and several island states. CRC continues to maintain a full time staff of approximately 25 in Rhode Island and long-term field offices in several nations overseas. The combined funding for CRC’s international programs totaled over US$100 million during his tenure as Director.

Member of the National Research Council Committee on International Capacity Building for the Protection and Sustainable Use of Oceans and Coasts: 2005 to 2008. He was a principle author of the 2008 report “Increasing Capacity for the Stewardship of Oceans and Coasts: A Priority for the 21st Century”.
He has developed Capacity Building Through the Training and the Certification of Professionals. Beginning in 1990 he led the formulation and delivery of the first international training program on the principles and practices of Integrated Coastal Management. This gave rise to a sustained program of experiential training course courses have been a feature of the CRC’s program ever since and produced over 500 graduates from more than 40 countries.


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